Social Media

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Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are just three examples of extremely popular social media platforms.

Quite honestly, the business that doesn’t engage in well-written, regularly scheduled social media posts is working itself to an early grave.

Take Facebook for instance. With over two billion active monthly users, Facebook is an absolute must, and it is the primary form of social media that Brandingle uses. Not only can the business compose articles and posts as needed, the business can crank things up a notch or two by engaging in paid ads directly targeting the business’s clientele.

The other forms of social media, although not reaching as much of the global population as Facebook, also offer low-cost solutions for the business that recognizes the good that can come from such solutions. To-the-minute posts, interesting photos, and well-produced videos offered on sites such as Twitter and Instagram further put the business name out to the intended target.

Watch out, though. Social media can be a double-edged sword. One misspelled word, a blob of run-on sentences and/or questionable grammar can create damage, thereby systematically taking the business’s reputation down instead of boosting it. Additionally, the publication of polarizing issues has the potential to instantly alienate 50% of your loyal followers with one click of the mouse. Our advice is to be 100% certain that your social media posts are purposefully written and posted in a timely manner.

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