Website Design



Hairstylist Diane Ward was ready to take her business to the next level by creating a web presence and by implementing a social media program. She wanted the website to be clean, small and simple while still relaying the necessary information to her clients. Additionally, she wanted the website to reflect the decor in her salon, so we used her salon accent wall as the color basis for the site and for other electronic communications, solidifying her branding. Following the launch of both programs, Diane began experiencing noticeable upticks in the numbers of new clients who had found her on the web.



Permanent makeup artist and hairstylist Bo Bryan already had a web presence when she came to us. It was seriously in need of some streamlining. Her previous website was based largely on a pink theme, so we carried the pink over into the new site. Together, we decided that the base color of the site should be black, as no other color states "let's get down to business" as well as black. Bo also wanted her site to pop up on the first Google search page, and with our expertise as Google search engine optimization experts, Bo's business has experienced a boom unlike any other time in her career.



$5,800,000. That's a hefty price tag for most anything. Hawai'i real estate agent Rhonda Smith-Sanchez needed a site whose visuals told this dream home's story. With the home perched alone on a clifftop overlooking the ocean, the visuals were quite easy to implement. There's also the aspect of expectation that goes along with a $5.8 million listing. We made sure the site featured the highlights of the property in the largest photos, with details of the property still prominently featured throughout the site. With Google Analytics installed on the site, Rhonda and Brandingle are able to access a wealth of information about the site's effectiveness.



Rhonda Adams, founder and owner of PowerKids Sports and Fitness needed a site that told her story more clearly than her considerably out-of-date site. After meeting with Rhonda and understanding where she had been and where she wants to go, the makeover is now in the process of streamlining the PowerKids message. Through the use of professionally shot video and professionally shot photos, the visuals on the new site will make a huge difference in conveying professionalism. Of course, search engine optimization is a requirement if Rhonda is to truly use the website as a marketing tool to send the right message to the right people at the right time. Rhonda's phone will undoubtedly blow up when the completed site is launched. She has already begun hiring additional staff to cover the forecasted overload. With franchising on the docket, PowerKids will be poised for success like never before.


Armour Construction, specializing in multi-million dollar dream homes, was in need of a website that clearly conveyed the image of high-end construction. The company wasn't necessarily looking to create a site that would have search engine advantages. The company simply wanted to communicate to ancillary businesses on the small island, giving word-of-mouth clients a site to refer to when considering the search for a high-end construction company. Additionally, the site uses various animations that clearly convey Armour Construction's status as a technologically up-to-date company. The home page's video of an oceanfront mansion combined with photos of elegant rooms immediately communicates to the viewer that Armour Construction is serious about and is qualified for luxury residential construction.



Take a look around at some of the things you might not consciously think about. We're willing to bet you know the Apple Computer logo. You probably know the logo for retailer Target. The Starbucks logo - who can't identify that one in one swig of an espresso? Lastly, this one may be a little more challenging than the others, but how about the new streamlined Cadillac logo? Although each of these businesses has been around for a great deal of time, you might be interested in researching the history of their respective logos. As they have evolved over time, they have become minimalist and streamlined. Subsequently, their media has received the minimalist treatment as well. The minimalist look for this Maui condo was exactly what the owner/seller wanted: a simple, direct and uncluttered communication of the property.


Seeking to create an educational atmosphere in which children are heralded and uplifted as individual beings, Andrea Jiran began Kula Keiki Preschool. On the small island of Maui, word usually travels pretty quickly through the coconut wireless (that's tongue-in-cheek Hawaiian for "word-of-mouth"). Sometimes that wireless network distorts the facts. Andrea wanted to be sure her message was clear for her target market, and she wanted to be able to easily update her message when a more "techie" person wasn't available at her whim. With that mandate, we decided on a Blogger platform. Because Blogger is more of a conversational type of online presence, Andrea could quickly and easily publish her own words to her web presence without having to consult with anyone else.