Social Media


Chef Travis Cummings understands the power of social media - which, if you think about it, is simply an electronic version of word of mouth. When Brown Box Meals first started, Travis invested a great deal of time in spreading the word through the centuries-old word of mouth method. Simultaneously, we're behind the scenes creating a strategically-planned series of Facebook posts designed to incentivize current customers and entice those who are curious. Through hard work, perseverance and a constant social media presence, Travis' business began to boom. He is now serving as a sought-after caterer for all levels of personal and professional food service needs.


PowerKids Sports and Fitness is all about its namesake. Its clientele consists largely of young parents and children of all ages - most of whom utilize Instagram as one of their most frequently used forms of social media. Owner Rhonda Adams understood the power of this electronic word-of-mouth bullhorn, and she aggressively took charge of it. You'll note, though, that the posts are not random. They're strategically chosen well beforehand to (a) coincide with upcomings events (b) ensure the proper amount of coverage for the various types of programs (c) be purposeful about communicating the individual story within the context of the bigger picture. No wonder PowerKids Sports and Fitness has been so successful in a satured market for nearly twenty years - the owner understands the power of clear and frequent communication.


The numbers of actual users varies from resource to resource, but it's difficult to argue that Twitter isn't one of the world's largest social media platforms. If you think about it, Twitter's 280-character format truly fits the way today's consumer operates: quickly and on the fly. Twitter is particulary of value to the business that frequently has late-breaking news or simply wants to keep its name out there on a regularly scheduled basis. However, with such an instant-gratification platform, it's not uncommon to hear of painful tweets that, once public, cannot be withdrawn. That's why its often best to leave the tweets to a strategic plan and not post them according to the mood of the moment. That strategic plan can easily be drawn up between Brandingle and you. Once complete, it's easy to stick to. Our advice? Tweet strategically, not spontaneously. Brandingle can take care of that for you.