Here's just a quick look at a couple of our successful campaigns.

Budget-driven postcard campaign

brandingle small postcardThis postcard series for a meal preparation and delivery service had three clear goals:

1 - Present the Brown Box name to the target market and keep it there;

2 - Consistently present fun, un-pass-up-able  customer incentives;

3 - Stay affordable for the business owner.

Goals achieved. Through the most reliable means of establishing a name in the marketplace (word of mouth), the small group of friends-and-family clientele helped with providing names of other friends who might be interested in this new healthy meal alternative.

Once addresses were obtained, The Brown Box began an affordable, consistent, once-per-month postcard campaign that included a no-fail tracking means: we simply made certain incentives specific to the postcard campaign so we knew what the return on investment would be by the time the twelve-month campaign was complete.

Wow factor postcard campaign

brandingle large postcardThis postcard series had two goals:

1 - Keep the Brown Box name familiar to its target market through a direct mail postcard whose physical size makes it stand out;

2 - Stay affordable for the business owner.

Goals achieved. Creating a considerably larger postcard that woudn't get lost in the mass-o-mail that many of us get isn't that difficult. We simply had to keep one thing in mind: differentiation.

In this instance, we're not talking about the Brown Box's service or product being different. Rather, we're talking about the Brown Box's impression while it's sitting in the mailbox. It had to create a "you MUST look at me" impression.