Here's just a quick look at a couple of our successful campaigns.

Tri-Fold Brochure

This heavy, high-gloss project for the sale of a luxury home had three clear mandates:

1 - Present the home in a manner that would appeal to the high net worth buyer;

2 - Create a product that would instill confidence and peace of mind for the seller;

3 - Reinforce the branding of the agent who primarily features high-end luxury properties.

Goals achieved. The luxury buyers all received a keepsake-quality piece that clearly would be referred to many times beyond its initial delivery. The sellers, who themselves created successful careers in marketing and branding, were thrilled with every aspect of the brochure. The agent once again raised the bar of expectation, attracting more high net worth sellers.

Bi-Fold Brochure

brandingle bifold brochureThis budget-minded project geared toward selling the same luxury home displayed in the keepsake-quality brochure was based on two objectives:

1 - Look appealing enough to entice the reader to want to know more;

2 - Reinforce the agent's luxury property branding.

Goals achieved. This agent wants to keep her "teaser" print information within a limited budget so there's not too much money spent on the lookie-loos who may or may not be real buyers. (Note that the property displayed here is the same property that's featured in the keepsake-quality brochure described above on this web page. We're just wanting to show you two different approaches to the same end, with each approach targeting its intended client).

This 11 x 17 brochure displays the quality photography for which the agent is well-known. Because it's 11 x 17, it can be printed on any laser printer without the agent having to incur a professional printing cost - plus today's office laser printers create quite a nice look.

Continuing with the same look and feel that accompanies each of this agent's initial brochures, clients see familiarity, consistency and reliability in this agent's brand.