The Microblader

bo 125x125“My previous website had evolved to the point that it was becoming complicated to navigate, and it became too complex on a visual level. I wanted to remodel the site so that it could be easily navigated on a phone, a tablet, a desktop or a laptop. After having met with Bill and Rusty of Brandingle.com about what I wanted, they began the process of reclaiming all the good information on the previous site and getting rid of the outdated and/or excess information. We landed on a very dynamic, bold look that shares all the information I want to share, and none that I don’t. My website, http://www.GlamourByBo.com, also contains the tools needed so that I’m easily found on Google. Since the new site’s launch, my phone has been ringing like never before, and my client base is increasing. I am happy to recommend Brandingle.com to anyone wanting to open the doors to new revenue streams.  —Bo Bryan

Hairstylist's Branding

diane 125x125“Before Brandingle, I didn’t have a website, and my discipline on Facebook wasn’t anywhere near as good or as frequent as it should have been. I already knew Rusty personally, and I knew that he truly cared about helping me to put my best foot forward. He helped me to create more of an instantly recognizable brand, and we’re using that branding throughout my website and through Facebook. My exposure to the towns surrounding the salon is bigger than ever before and I’m getting more new clients than ever before. I recommend Brandingle if you want to work with some good people who'll take charge of increasing your client base.”  — Diane Ward, Hairstylist

Fitness Provider

pkids 125x125“If you haven’t yet contracted with Brandingle, you’re missing out. I’ve known Rusty from Brandingle for well into twenty years, and I’ve come to expect nothing less than a dedicated drive to think big - not only to think big, but to execute the same way. Brandingle is in the process of updating my website to give it a more up-to-date, streamlined look and feel. Because we are looking to expand beyond our current client base, it’s more important than ever to have a quality website, one that not only conveys professionalism, but is set up in such a way that it’s easy for my potential clients and potential employees to find. I’m not at all surprised with the quality of what my target clients are seeing: http://www.powerkidssportsandfitness.com. You’ll be in good hands when contracting with Brandingle. —Rhonda Adams, Owner; PowerKids Sports and Fitness