Hard Copy Design

brandingle_chefFor some business applications, it’s sometimes best for the target client to be able to hold something in his or her hands, even in this digital age. That’s why Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Cadillac have spent billions of dollars over the years creating printed materials designed so that the company has direct control over its image. That’s why they continue investing money toward those hard-copy materials.

Through a surprisingly simple discovery process, Brandingle can create the hard copy materials that reflect your overall branding objectives, brand values and desired customer perceptions. Whether that means creating a logo, stationery kit, magazine ad, direct mailer or a keepsake-quality brochure, we can handle it.

Upon acceptance, we can either send the final electronic file directly to you* so you can use the print shop of your choice, or we can deliver the completed hard-copy product directly to you. (*In many cases, if you provide the content, high resolution graphics and high-resolution photos, we can have the electronic file to you within twenty-four hours).

We LOVE creating brochures, posters, flyers, rack cards & postcards, and our clients love attaching their names to our creations! Click on any of the links under the “portfolio” tab to see case studies and examples of our work.

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