hair stylist 300x450We're Brandingle, and we design and manage digital and hard copy things for your business whether you're a realtor, a hairstylist, a physical education teacher or a CPA. In our visually based global society, visual communication is Brandingle's preoccupation.

We think of ease-of-use for our clients, so when it comes to website creation, we design mainly in WordPress. Doing so allows our clients to easily access the back end of their respective websites, making the sites easy for the business owner to update with little or no help from a computer geek.

With over 40 years of marketing experience, we've got our act together when it comes to speaking directly to your clientele in a way that makes them want to know more about your business. The Brandingle recipe mixes one part of streamlined and uncluttered visuals with one part of descriptive creative writing. With digital marketing, we stir in search engine optimization and, optionally, search engine marketing to arrive at a digital marketing plan that reflects your brand and reaches your target audience. The final result? A strengthened branding and a new perception of professionalism for your business.

Areas of Expertise

• Responsive web design
• Social media campaigns
• Hard-copy printed brochures, postcards, flyers, posters, rack cards, business cards